Architectural Visualisation

Here's a fun little job I completed recently. My client purchased an apartment in the spectacular Clyde Quay development on the Wellington waterfront. However her situation has changed and she is now seeking to sell the apartment. The unit is still under construction so she needed some visuals to accompany her advertisements, which is where I came in.

It was a really interesting task for me. I've done a lot of environment design for the entertainment industry though the subject matter tends to be quite different. Instead of the alien hives, epic temples and pock marked battlefields I've drawn for various projects in the past, I had to tackle modern sophistication instead. Luckily it's the same basic process and relies on the same foundational skills.

While the pieces were requested as 'artists interpretations' of the apartment, it was really important to still be as accurate as possible. We did not want to mislead any potential home buyers. In the interests of speed and accuracy I imported the plans into a 3D package and rendered a basic ambient occlusion render. The rest was good old photoshop. All of the ornaments in these images were from photographs supplied by my client of her current home. She thought that personal flavour would add some feeling of her personality and a kind of homeliness to an otherwise anonymous image.

I hope you enjoy seeing something quite different from me!

If you want to move into the Clyde Quay development, you can check out the apartment listing at

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If you've never heard of Ambient Occlusion before you might want to have a read about it on Wikipedia

Strawberries with the Fuhrer

Hello strangers! Almost forgot how to work this thing.
Anywhoo, here's some new stuff for ya.

I recently did a set of illustrations for a friends documentary project "Strawberries with the Fuhrer". Inspired by the book of the same name, it deals with the thoughts, memories and associated guilt of Helga Tiscenko. Now a grandmother in New Zealand, she was once the content young child of one of Hitler's top Generals in the Third Reich. Many of you will be familiar with the book and may even have read it as part of your studies in school. Director Amy O'Connor was so enthralled by the story that she sought out the author, and even traveled to Germany to create what she thinks of as "an extra chapter for the book". It was screened as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival in Wellington earlier this year, where it sold out it's initial screenings and duly had its run extended. The doco turned out great and Amy has recieved well deserved recognition for her directorial debut.

My images were created to accompany scenes where Helga is sharing specific memories about her youth. Time was tight to complete over 30 illustrations, but I was really happy with how some of the images came out. Here are a couple of them, all from different sequences in the film.