In his earlier years Matty would stage huge wars with his green plastic army men, and draw sprawling space battles on discarded printer paper (the kind with holes along the edges if you are old enough to remember life before the internet). Now he works as a concept designer and matte painter in the entertainment industry.

Matty received a bachelor degree with honours from Massey University, New Zealand, studying animation and visual communication design.

Matty seen here (centre BG) as an extra in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

During this time he was recruited as an extra on Lord of the Rings. His first day in Middle Earth was on a day where 200 uruk hai in full battle dress stormed the walls of Helms Deep. Due to his height, his charm, and mainly his art student look (long hair and a beard) he was kept on to play everything from a soldier in the army of the dead to a Rohan royal guard.

From 2008 -2012 Matty joined Weta Workshop as a conceptual designer. Within that time he worked on a vast array of Film, Television and Videogame projects such as ‘The Hobbit Trilogy’ and 'District 9' among many others. He has also worked extensively as a freelance designer contributing to video game, publishing, TV and Film projects.

Matty now lives in Vancouver, BC where he primarily works as a matte painter and designer on animated shows. He still loves the process of learning and is currently obsessed with muay thai, and hiking the mountains and glacial lakes of Beautiful BC. That's when he isn't tucked up with a sci fi novel or his trusty sketchbook of course.