Resistant Virus

This was a little piece I created for some friends of mine, Silver and Ashley. They have embarked on an ambitious project for halloween this year.  They are trying to get together a huge posse for a 'Thriller' flash mob at Robson Square in downtown Vancouver, BC. If you like to dance, or just like to leave the house without pokemon on the agenda, drop by on Monday night to check it out. You can learn the dance moves on their instagram page which you can find here:

Resistant Virus on Instagram.

The art is used for a parallax header on their website, and features characters and the title block from an ambitious episodic Silver shot a few years back. You can watch that on their website too.


Resistant Virus Banner SML.jpg

New Caricature - Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva

Bigfoot is a huge specimen who has to cut weight to fit under the upper limit of the heaviest weight class in the UFC. his large size and distinct look are at least partially due to a tumor putting pressure on his pituitary gland which caused an overproduction of growth hormone. This causes the hands, feet and face to grow larger than usual. There have been many prominent figures with a similar tumor and the proportions that come with it. Among them wrestling and film star Andre the giant, 7'2" Korean fighter Choi Hong-man and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins.

Bigfoot has been in some amazing wars, heavyweights with their heavy hands punishing each other round after round without stopping. The bloody battle with kiwi star Mark Hunt springs to mind. Thanks for all the amazing fights!

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Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva on